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Bite me!

Rave Bites are chewable jewelry designed with ravers in mind. Rave Bite pendants are designed to help alleviate discomfort from teeth grinding, lock jaw, and chattering. Our unique Rave Bite pendants will soon be part of your must-have rave gear.

Designed by a team of dentists, engineers and ravers, Rave Bites are designed for maximum comfort and appeal.

  • Great alternative to gum and pacifiers
  • No trouble getting through security 
  • Maintains texture, won't stick to your shoe, and you won't accidentally swallow it
  • Unique design is a great conversation starer

Lightning Bite

The Lightning Bite was designed with all types of chewers in mind. Those who like to chew with their molars can use the tail end of the bolt which will comfortably fit along the back teeth. Those who prefer to bite with their front teeth can latch onto the center of the...

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